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Three Things That Make Outright Bets Attractive To Sports Bettors

If you browse the online sites of bookmakers everywhere in the world, you will find a special section called Long-term bets or Outright bets and you will notice that there is a lot of action going on there. In fact, more and more sportsbooks today, including those that offer online betting in Germany, make investments in building a good and attractive category of long-term bets, in order to satisfy the growing demand for such wagers.

It is estimated that the share of long-term bets in the total sports bets placed on a global basis will reach record levels in the next few years, basically because outright betting is becoming increasingly popular amongst punters lately. Before, however, we get into details about the reasons why it is getting so popular, let’s see what exactly is outright betting.

Outright bets: making long-term predictions

Betting has traditionally involved pre-match wagers on which club will win a football match, let’s say, or which team will win a cricket game (for cricket betting sites read more) or for any other sport for that matter. The largest volume of bets were to be placed on individual, stand-alone games and they were predominantly short-term oriented, focused on a forthcoming event.

With the growth of sports betting and the advent of the internet, which favored the development of online bookmakers, new betting markets emerged and more not-so-popular betting markets came to the forefront of attention. One such market was the outright bets, or simply put, the bets on the outcome of an entire league, competition, tournament or any other wholesome event.

Who will win the EPL, who’s gonna get the Australian Open, who will be the NBA champions, who will be the champion of the ICC Cricket World Cup? Outright bets are in fact long-term predictions of the outcome of major, whole events.

Three things driving outright bets’ popularity

There are three main reasons why outright bets are hyping.

Odds are significantly higher

The odds offered for outright markets are way higher than the odds for pre-match bets or even live bets. That’s because on the one hand, bookmakers want to attract more betting for other than the upcoming events and secure money purred into the accounts for longer periods and on the other hand, the feed for the odds largely depends on not-so-updated data and the opening lines are not always reflecting the real probabilities of events.

For the bettors, higher odds mean higher potential payouts and more profit. So, what is more attractive and appealing in those bets is that punters get to find value in betting more often and thus they get to leverage opportunities for greater profit.

Plenty of time to research and analyze

With outright bets, punters are making long-term forecasts and long-term by definition leaves much more time for research and analysis. There is no impulse or last-minute wager on an event. There is no pressure of time, which can often confuse bettors and push them into the wrong decision. Outright betting enables punters to think thoroughly about a bet, consider all the factors and parameters and eventually make an informed (as much as it can get of course) decision.

You may well wonder now, how can a long-term bet be an informed one when there is nothing yet put into action. Well, that’s the risk of outright bets and it is compensated by the higher odds!

Less emotional involvement

Outright betting has become very popular also because there is less emotional involvement on the part of bettors, who are actually called to apply their predictive and betting skills more than they do so in short-term bets.

When placing an outright bet, punters rely more on an objective perspective or view of the likelihood of a win, and less on their intuition or emotions. As they have plenty of time to do some research and analyze the different parameters, they have time to process information and be more rational in their choices. This means that they get to demonstrate their competencies and skills in betting more elegantly and profoundly and they will receive the satisfaction of verifying how good they can be!

Published by Patrick Jane