A video of PSG striker Lionel Messi lifting the bar has gone viral on social media. Fans were stunned to see the seven-time Ballon d'Or winner in a similar setting.

Messi's height is 169 or 170 cm, and his weight is about 67 kg. Until today, it was hard to imagine that he was engaged in strength training.

As a child, the Argentine was so tiny that doctors concluded he lacked growth hormone. As a result, he had to do injections.

But even though Messi is far from being a bodybuilder, he still strives to improve his strength at 35. True, there are only two 5 kg pancakes on the bar. Just check the video.

And here is how PSG and Leo Messi fans reacted to this video:

-I swear this is the first time I've seen him lift weights.

-Never in my life could I imagine Messi pulling the barbell.

-When you drag the team behind you for so long, you don't need to hang a lot of pancakes on the bar.

-Looks like Leo went through all football and decided to go into powerlifting.

"The last heaviest thing that Messi lifted"
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