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The best match of Klopp's team this season.

The main match of the weekend ended in a stunning rout. The result was impossible to imagine, if only because it was unclear who was the favorite. And it turned out to be the best game of Liverpool - at least this season.

For the first 20 minutes, Liverpool looked better: more possession of the ball and more shots on goal. It took a lot of work for Manchester United to gain control. Probably because the central controller, Bruno Fernandes, again went to the flank (this time to the left at all), and Wegorst remained in the center. As a result, penetrating passes into the penalty area sometimes had to be done by Casemiro. He sometimes succeeded, but the arrangement still looked strange.

At the end of the first half, Liverpool scored a great goal. Robertson went with the ball to the center and gave a chic pass to move Gakpo into the penalty area. He quickly removed Varan on the backswing and shot into the far corner - 1:0.

Almost immediately after that, the teams went on a break. Manchester United could change the situation at half-time. MU has changed. United no longer fought in the second half but let themselves be gutted.
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The hosts scored again in less than a minute and a half in the second half. Elliott ran to the second pace of the attack and shot Nunez in the head - 2:0. It's hard to describe the match. Manchester United lost both structure and discipline. In other words, float. "Liverpool" did what they wanted on the counterattacks and, in positional possession, mockingly passed under the "ole" from the stands for every pass. After the substitutions, Fernandes moved to the center, but it was too late. Liverpool has turned on kill mode.

  • 50th minute: Gakpo scored after a great pass by Salah. 3:0.
  • 66th minute - Salah has already powerfully struck under the crossbar from the right. 4:0.
  • 75th minute - Nunes again, head again. 5:0.
  • 83rd minute: Salah decided that he should also make a double (and simultaneously become Liverpool's top scorer in the era of the Premier League). 6:0.
  • 88th minute. Firmino. 7:0. The whole bus sobbed.

The talk that Manchester United is participating in the title race seemed premature. As for Liverpool, with such a game, the team should return to the top 4. By the way, Liverpool's calendar is entertaining. In the next round, they will play with Bournemouth (the last team in the Premier League), and then City, Chelsea, and Arsenal are waiting for Klopp.

Liverpool 7:0 Manchester United - Watch Highlights