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Thierry Henry Assessed Inzaghi's Work at Inter

Former Arsenal and Barcelona forward Thierry Henry assessed the work of head coach Simone Inzaghi at Inter.

On March 13, the Milanese club was eliminated from the Champions League round of 16, losing to Atletico Madrid 1-2 in the second leg (2-3 on penalties, 1-0 in the first leg).

"People often say forwards don't make good coaches, but he disproves that logic. There's no one better than him at setting up the game.

When the team tries to start attacks from the defensive line, the full-backs push forward and then retreat — where they feel comfortable. And now it's clear that playing against them in the center is impossible. They will be ready. They also have to defend more profoundly. They can play in a 5-3-2 formation, and Barella will try to close the gap between the lines. They don't need to try to play cleverly; they can immediately create combinations with two forwards at the top of the formation.

The full-back passes the ball to the other full-back — we saw this under Conte, but now they do it better. But one thing I've never seen is the central defender passing to another central defender, and they did that last weekend. I've never seen that before. This guy is clearly a genius," Henry said on CBS Sports.

Published by Patrick Jane