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Is there an end to his antics?

The International Football Association Board will meet in London next weekend. The round table is expected to discuss the net time of matches, the new offside rule, and other innovations that have yet to be addressed. We tell you what can change in football from the 2023/2024 season.

New rules in football from the 2023/2024 season

  • According to Marca, one of the rules, which will come into effect next season, is that goals scored during the appearance of substitutes will not be canceled.
  • The fourth referee will be responsible for ensuring that there is always a player on the field wearing the captain's armband. Often there were situations when the captain was changed during the match, and he forgot to hand over the bandage and sat on the bench with it.
  • Goal celebrations will be part of stoppage time. Celebrating a goal scored for more than a minute or a minute and a half will not be possible.
  • There is a rule that will undoubtedly affect Emiliano Martinez. The goalkeeper will not be allowed to distract the penalty taker. For example, play for time, touch the bars, the crossbar, and the net.
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  • A defending player who leaves the field without the referee's permission is considered on the goal line or touchline. As for the attacking player, he can leave or stay off the field to avoid participating in the active phase.
  • If a player goes over the goal line and joins the game before its next stop, then it is considered that he is standing on the goal line to determine offside.

The main topics of the meeting, of course, will be talking about the transition to the clean time of matches and Arsene Wenger's offside rule. Former Arsenal head coach and now FIFA's director of football development is proposing a change that would give attackers an advantage over defenders - the offside position would be fixed on the last part of the striker's body.

What else will FIFA and Gianni Infantino prepare?