The number of people who bet on sports from the comfort of their homes grows daily. Of course, this also has an effect on the number of iGaming sites, especially those that focus on providing people with the best possible experience. Speaking of the devil, you can actually follow your favourite online bookmakers from the UK and check everything they offer in seconds. Once you find something that you like, go through the registration process, open an account, and start playing.

Bonuses, features, odds, markets, apps, and so on are all important things that bettors must consider before sharing their details with a given iGaming site. However, this doesn’t mean that the sportsbook itself is not important. That said, most people take it for granted and assume that all bookies offer the same sports, when in reality, this isn’t the case.

Here are some of the sports most UK bettors will look for when deciding what to bet on.

Horse racing

The first thing we’d like to include on the list is a sport with a huge fan base in the UK but not in most other European countries. People have been betting on horse racing for years. Unsurprisingly, online bookmakers made the sport even more popular because punters no longer need to leave their homes to bet on it.

Horse racing is a truly amazing sport that lets people avail themselves of loads of different markets and options. Aside from the popular races in the UK, such as the Cheltenham Festival, punters can also wager on races in other parts of the globe. For example, most sites offer horse racing options from the U.S., Australia, South Africa, and more.


Of course, we also have to include football because this is the most popular sport in the world of online betting. Since the UK is home to many of the best teams in the world, people always wager on this sport.

Every online bookie in the country will offer all sorts of football betting options. Many of them will pay more attention to the English Premier League and other top-tier competitions. However, there are sites that also provide an equal number of markets, good odds, and features for things like Serie A or La Liga.

One thing that differentiates football from other popular sports among online bettors is that every match will offer people more markets than any other sport. Bookies have access to different tools that show what people bet on so that they can focus more on it. Unsurprisingly, it seems like football gets most of the attention, so don’t be surprised that every UK online betting website will offer more markets for it.


Another sport that UK bettors are also interested in is rugby. Even though it may not be on the same level of popularity as the other two options on the list (at least when it comes down to betting), every top-tier online bookie in the country will allow their clients to bet on it.

One of the things that makes rugby a popular option among UK punters is that many bookies will often include special bonuses. Moreover, they will allow people to bet on all kinds of markets and use many of the popular features. Even though rugby bettors may not have access to a live stream from every event, they will be able to use Cash Out and other alternatives.

Keep in mind that online punters in the UK are interested in Rugby union, as well as Rugby league. Both sports offer a lot of alternatives.


Last but not least, we have to mention the sport that became incredibly popular in some Asian countries, such as India. Cricket is oen of the popular sports for bettors in the UK, but most do not focus on the local championship. Instead, they prefer to wager on events that take place in India, Pakistan, and other countries.

Some sites realize the importance of cricket, which is why they often specialize in it by providing users with more markets and special bonuses.