The most fun freight train of winter: the player filmed his goal on an action camera, and the fans played snowballs right in the stands.

Sparta and Nurnberg know a lot about entertainment.

The Czech Premier League and the second Bundesliga are still not back from the winter break, so the teams from there keep fit by playing against each other. A couple of days ago, Nurnberg came to Prague to meet with local Sparta.

The match's friendly status allowed Lukas Garaslin, Sparta's Slovak winger, to put on an action camera and record what is happening on the field from the first person. The idea isn't new: last July, Cologne referenced Guy Ritchie's iconic ad by wearing body cameras on players in a freight train with AC Milan. Then it turned out to capture all the goals.

The action cam on Garaslin brought some great content too. In the 8th minute, the winger took advantage of an inaccurate pass from a Nurnberg player and rolled the ball into the far one, going one-on-one. The roar of the fans, the victorious cry of Garaslin himself, and the joy of his partners - all the emotional attributes are in place.

This is how the goal looks from television cameras - you must admit, the atmosphere is different.

Fans of both teams added a lot of entourage to the match. At the end of the first half, they suddenly started shooting with snowballs - fortunately, long-range guns were lying right under their feet.
enter image description here
Fans of Nurnberg were in a clear minority, but they had an excellent carrier of shells. The man picked up a massive pile of snow for the rest of the fans to make snowballs.
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The funniest freight train of the winter ended with a score of 3:1 in favor of Sparta.