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Last night, Real Madrid defeated Barcelona in the second leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final (4-0) and reached the tournament's final.

Karim Benzema put on a brilliant hat-trick, and fans at Camp Nou were shocked that Barcelona had squandered the lead after the first semi-final.

The fans' emotions toward the two clubs were opposed, which is quite natural. Let's compare Twitter comments.

@the_marcoli_boy: Real Madrid is the king of comebacks, and Barcelona couldn't be an exception. Real monsters of psychology.

@prince_aners: "Another hat-trick for Benzema - Benzema's version of Ramadan is back. I'm ready for Chelsea's tears.

@khull_ke_bol: Madrid is the best team to play under pressure, and we are the worst.

@IgorPondja: "I've always said this: Javi is a scammer."

@BEAThepresscfc: Barcelona needs to sack Xavi.

@FCBinfinite: "Do you realize that Messi must have watched this match? What should he be thinking?

@YahyaMuhdAlamin: Vinicius is Barcelona's worst nightmare.

@JoelAlex252: "Terrible performance... We paid 60 million for the only Brazilian in the world who can't dribble... God, what was he doing... a nightmare. This match showed Barça as a team with a weak character. I won't be surprised if we miss out on La Liga."

@MESMERlC: "A four-linebacker lineup without Frankie and Pedri is pointless."

@dakers_alex: "Karim Benzema is an exceptional striker. He is like wine. Hat-trick in El Clasico in just 10 minutes of play.

@laligafrauds: "Let Xavi not say that his team played better in the post-match interview, as he always does when Barca loses. The team did nothing but long balls for Lewandowski and Rafinha."