The world's most attractive female runner, Alica Schmidt, has challenged Erling Haaland to a race, claiming she can outrun him.
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Haaland's explosive strength and power helped him score 52 goals in 53 matches in the previous EPL season.

Erling's top speed reaches 22.5 miles per hour. However, German athlete Schmidt is confident she's unmatched: the 400-meter runner asserts she will prevail over the footballer. Schmidt's record in the 400-meter distance is under 55 seconds.

The idea to compete with Haaland came to her during an interview with the media on August 21st at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest.

The Norwegian daily newspaper Dagbladet asked if Alica could defeat the country's favorite star in running competitions.

Schmidt paused momentarily and said, «Hmm, I don't know – maybe. I think at 400 meters, yes. At 200 meters, it would be tougher.»

She added, «But I would be thrilled if the race happened.»

When asked when the race could occur, she replied, «I don't know, I need to ask him. But I'm always ready.»