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Bookies have existed for decades. But before online betting became popular or even existed, punters had to physically look for their bookies to wager on games and collect their earnings. And, of course, this was a tedious process that barred many people from placing bets even when they wanted to. So, the emergence of online bookies benefited both the punters and the bookies, with some like pepebet.com gaining popularity among new bettors. But it is not just bettors and bookies that benefited from this move. Even football clubs got a share of the cake. We explain how this happened and how it shaped Premier League football.

Bookies And Premier League Football

It's almost impossible to come across a bookie that does not feature the Premier League football in their betting odds. But what is the relationship between the bookies and the clubs in this league? Let us consider the impacts;

Bookies Sponsor Football Clubs

What is the easiest way to gain relevance with your audience? - support a club they love. Many people watch the Premier League. So, it behooves a bookie to have their name printed on the shirts of the players. It is a form of advertising, as the name of the bookie lingers in the mind of the bettors as they watch the players go head-to-head. Ninety minutes later, psychology has it that most punters would consider using such a bookie because the memory will be fresh.
But bookies go further than having their names on shirts. They also sponsor entire stadiums and have their names splashed across the stadium. This marketing tactic works like that of shirts. As a plus, it allows bookies to advertise their services even in countries where gambling is considered illegal. After all, they will not have infringed on anyone's rights by having a player adorn their shirt.

Bookies Advertise Football Teams

It might seem that the Premier League clubs advertise bookies. But the relationship is twofold. When bookies advertise their betting odds and markets, they focus on the clubs that have the best gameplay. As a result:

  • Punters become aware of the teams that are in the Premier League.

  • Punters watch the games in the Premier League to understand the terms better and place better bets.

These are some of the reasons the Premier League has gained such a huge audience in the past decade.

Bookies Stream The Premier League Matches

Many people want to watch the top Premier League teams playing against each other but cannot because they are on the commute or far from their homes. And since most bookies have live streaming, bettors can keep up with the matches from the comfort of their phones. This tactic also increases the number of live bets, which helps the bookies make more money.

Bookies Offer Free Tickets To Games

It's no secret that most bookies love offering bonuses and rewards to their players. These incentives keep the new and returning players hooked to the site and reduce player churn. Of course, the gifts are customized per the spending capacity of the players. While most players get sign-up and deposit bonuses, those who spend a lot of money get free game tickets. Some of these tickets even include flights and meals, which reward the high-rollers handsomely.

The relationship between bookies and the Premier League is largely symbiotic. The clubs benefit from the interest generated by the bookies. It helps them score more sponsorships and generate higher salaries for their players. On the other side, bookies benefit from their advertising and can reach a wider audience. This continuing relationship will likely use a different approach as more people weigh in on the situation.