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The Highest-Paid Players of Serie A Revealed

The most generous in the Italian championship turned out to be Juventus and Inter.

The Serie A championship has yet to be able to boast of big money, so clubs are forced to live within their means. They can't be called poor, but they can't afford to throw money around like English Premier League clubs; teams from the Apennine Peninsula have to be more financially prudent.

Who is in the first place?

According to data published in the media, the highest earners in Serie A are three players who have 7-million-euro agreements with their teams: Romelu Lukaku from Roma and a pair of Juventus players – Dusan Vlahovic and Adrien Rabiot.

Can it be said that this trio earns their money? Lukaku is quite beneficial for the Wolves – already six goals in nine Serie A matches and three more in the Champions League group stage. This is quite impressive, considering that Chelsea didn't know how to get rid of him in the summer, and there were no contenders in sight. To have the opportunity to leave, even on loan, the Belgian had to adjust his salary, as he was earning €11 million as an aristocrat, which the Wolves were not willing to pay.

Who could have thought a couple of years ago that, in comparison to the utility of players, Rabiot would surpass Vlahovic? The Frenchman moved to Juventus for free and received a juicy personal contract. Although the amount decreased after signing a new agreement, it remains very high for Serie A. Rabiot's first years in Turin were almost unsuccessful. Still, imagining the team's midfield with him is only possible now. Accurate passes, a regular threat to the opponents' goal, excellent teamwork with teammates, and a large volume of work describe this midfielder.

As for Vlahovic, who was lured from Fiorentina with a solid check, he needs to improve if he wants to be satisfied. There are four goals in the current Serie A season (one from a penalty), and the only assist – not the kind of statistics the Old Lady pays a high price for. Since early September, Dusan has only scored in one match – against Lazio. Then he scored a double and became the hero of the evening, but in other games, he is just a shadow of his best self.

Who's next?

Several Inter players receive €1 million less – Hakan Calhanoglu, Lautaro Martinez, Marcus Thuram – and another Bianconeri, Alex Sandro. There can be no questions about the Argentine Inter forward, who scored 12 goals in 11 league matches and added a couple more in the Champions League. The Turkish midfielder is also instrumental, so there are almost no questions about him.

Initially, it might have seemed that the French player in Inter's attacking group was generously rewarded. Still, he quickly became one of the team leaders. And, as a cherry on top – a brilliant performance in the derby against Milan. On the other hand, Juventus is unlikely to be happy paying so much to the Brazilian defender, who has been injured since the end of August. The return on his game has not matched the price tag for the past couple of years.

Who is behind them?

Only one player receives €5.5 million – Alessandro Bastoni, again from Inter. The defender is good, but it may seem that his contribution is overrated. Hardly anyone would call him the best defender in Serie A.

Next are Nicolo Barella and Benjamin Pavard, again from Inter, Federico Chiesa, and Bremner from Juventus. Comparing these pairs directly, the duo from Turin looks more valuable here and now. Milan enters the rankings with Raphael Leao, but his €5 million includes bonuses, unlike the previously mentioned players.

As we can see, Italy knows how to count money, so almost none of the leaders in the ranking can be called blatantly overrated.

Published by Patrick Jane