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The Great Ronaldo Returned to Football

Ronaldo played in a match in the eighth English division and faced criticism from the coach.

The icon of world football, Ronaldo, became a true embodiment of passion and skill on the field for everyone who had the opportunity to witness his brilliant game at the turn of the century. Ronaldo became a two-time world champion and two-time winner of the Ballon d'Or and an inspiration to many. Even numerous injuries did not prevent him from becoming one of the greatest players in the history of football.

Seeing Ronaldo live is a dream for many who grew up watching his magic on the field. And playing with him on the same team seemed beyond fantasy. But early one morning in Essex, a miracle happened. At least, that's how the eighth English division club Phoenix players perceived it.

When one of the worst teams in the league was losing 0-4, Ronaldo arrived at the field in a white limousine late for the start of the game. Moreover, coach Brian Edwards gave him a shirt named Dave Walsh and sent him to play on the muddy field.

The legendary Brazilian lazily strolled across the lawn, and at some point during the match, he took a smartphone from his pocket and started talking to someone. Even when the coach shouted to Ronaldo that he was offside, the Brazilian did not react to the remark. As a result, the coach criticized the player's game, and he had to be substituted. In a conversation with Brian Edwards, Ronaldo stated that our team had no chance because we were not playing against Tottenham. As a result, the match ended with Phoenix's defeat with a score of 7-0.

What made the fabulous Ronaldo return to football and play for a team that occupies the last place in the eighth English division? It was just a promotional campaign from the bookmaker Paddy Power. It launched a new promotion called Ultimate Super Sub. Its essence is that if you bet on a goal by a particular player, but he is substituted during the match, your prediction will still be correct, even if the substitute scores.
Ronaldo didn't score in this match, but it wasn't necessary. After the game, every player took a selfie with him and was incredibly grateful for such a wonderful surprise. The legendary Ronaldo once again delighted his fans, evoking a strong sense of nostalgia in them.

Published by Patrick Jane