Kylian is getting closer to Madrid. However, Paris has developed a new scheme to extend the forward contract.

The situation regarding Kylian Mbappe's possible transfer from PSG to Real Madrid is developing rapidly. In the past few hours, several insiders have revealed information about the future of the Parisian club's forward and the French national team star. The 24-year-old superstar is edging closer to Madrid.

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Earlier today, journalist Francois Gallardo wrote on Twitter that Real Madrid would finalize the deal for Mbappe's transfer during the first week of July. According to the source, Faiza Lamari, Mbappe's mother, one of his agents, and employees from her company will arrive in Madrid. In the Spanish capital, the club's management and the player's representatives will finalize the last conditions of the transfer.

Meanwhile, Marca reported that Mbappe's mother will hold talks with PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi on Friday, June 30. During this meeting, the parties will discuss various scenarios and potential solutions to the deadlock. According to the reputable Spanish publication, the Parisian club has requested that Kylian extend his contract immediately, or he will be sold in the summer transfer window. Only when the sale question is resolved and a specific price is set for the forward, will Real Madrid start discussing the deal terms with the French champions. As of today, the leaders of Real Madrid have yet to communicate with their counterparts at PSG directly and have tasked Mbappe's mother with reaching an agreement with Al-Khelaifi regarding a fixed transfer fee.

Insider Aleix Genero shared details about the negotiations between Mbappe's agents and the PSG bosses. Both sides agreed that Kylian will not leave for free in 2024. The choice of tomorrow's meeting date, June 30, is not accidental. It is the last day when the forward can activate the option to extend his contract until the summer of 2025.

Earlier, The Athletic reported that Real Madrid is willing to offer Mbappe a signing bonus of €130 million if the Frenchman joins the Madrid club as a free agent next year. However, it seems that this will not happen. Considering the massive bonus from Real Madrid, Kylian could earn €200 million if he stays in Paris until the summer of 2024 since he is expected to receive a "loyalty bonus" of €70 million from PSG next season.

According to Marca, PSG has an alternative option that should satisfy the French club and Mbappe. They will offer the player a contract extension for two to three years and promise to sell him to Real Madrid in the summer of 2024. This promise will be given orally since including a buyout clause in the contract is not allowed in France. This way, PSG will receive money for Kylian after a year instead of losing him for free. However, the question remains whether Mbappe's mother will trust oral promises.

Spanish media once again emphasize that Real Madrid does not intend to take any steps that could trap them, as was the case in the summer of 2022 when Mbappe ultimately chose to stay in Paris. Madrid is prepared to make an offer that "matches the market." The management of Real Madrid, anticipating Mbappe's arrival, plans to make the newcomer Hoselu from Espanyol, the leading forward in the upcoming season. However, the team's manager, Carlo Ancelotti, is highly dissatisfied with the lack of top transfers in the attack following Karim Benzema's departure.