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The Brazilian Football Confederation faces punishment from FIFA

According to Globo, FIFA may impose sanctions on the Brazilian Football Confederation (FBS) due to the disturbances that occurred before the World Cup 2026 qualifying tournament match between the national teams of Brazil and Argentina.

The match, held at the Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro, ended with a score of 1-0 in favor of the guests.

According to sources, FIFA will initiate an investigation into the incident. According to regulations, the federation could be punished after the investigation with measures such as closing stands, a ban on holding matches at a specific stadium, the obligation to play matches on neutral ground, point deductions, and suspension from competitions.

It is noted that there is no deadline for announcing the decision.

The match started with a 30-minute delay due to disturbances in the stands. A conflict between fans erupted during the performance of the national anthems. Brazilian fans booed the Argentine anthem, leading to clashes where fans threw seats. Subsequently, the police used batons and made arrests, and some fans were taken to the hospital. Several fans ran onto the field during the disturbances for safety reasons. The players of the Argentine national team noticed the incident, interrupted the start of the match, and went to the stands with their fans. Later, they went to the locker room at Captain Lionel Messi's direction. After resolving the conflict in the stands, the match resumed.

Published by Patrick Jane