Alisha Lehmann

Each team will receive payouts.

On Sunday, August 20th, the Women's World Cup concluded. The tournament's winner was the Spanish national team, which defeated England in the Women's World Cup 2023 final match.

It has become known how much each national team earned from the tournament. The distribution was carried out through a new method: a separate prize fund for national associations and a separate prize pool of $11.3 million directly for the players.

Here's how the prize fund for the 2023 World Cup was distributed:

  • Spain: $4.29 million ($270,000 in direct FIFA payments to players) - champions;
  • England: $3.015 million ($195,000) - runners-up;
  • Sweden: $2.61 million ($180,000) - third-place finishers;
  • Australia: $2.455 million ($165,000) - fourth place;

Netherlands, Japan, France, Colombia: $2.18 million each ($90,000) - quarterfinalists;

Switzerland, South Africa, Norway, USA, Denmark, Morocco, Nigeria, Jamaica: $1.87 million each ($60,000) - Round of 16;

New Zealand, Philippines, Ireland, Canada, Costa Rica, Zambia, Haiti, China, Vietnam, Portugal, Brazil, Panama, Italy, Argentina, Germany, South Korea: $1.56 million each ($30,000) - group stage.