No England clubs are on the list, and Spanish clubs are not in the top 5.

The European football season is in full swing: the national championships are stepping over the equator, and the playoffs are about to start in European competitions. We will know the winners of the most important tournaments in just a few months.

In the meantime, we present the world's top 10 most-titled clubs.
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Al-Ahli (143 trophies)

The Egyptian super club has collected many awards in its 116-year history: an insane 143. Most often, Al-Ahli players took national titles: they won the Egyptian Championship 42 times and the national Cup 35 times. In international competitions, the most titled club in the world also played quite successfully: 10 times won the African Champions League, and once even the Intercontinental Arab Champions League.

Rangers F.C. (121 trophies)

The Scottish team is the most titled in Europe but 22 awards behind the absolute record holder Al-Ahly. At the same time, the "teddy bears" are much older than the Egyptian club: in March, the Rangers will turn 151 years old (their competitors - are 116). The Rangers won home tournaments: a record 55 times - the Scottish Championship, 34 times - the National Cup, and 27 times - the League Cup. The team also holds the record for trebles (seven).

In their century and a half-history, the Scots have won the European Cup only once - the 1972 Cup Winners' Cup. The Rangers played in the finals of various continental competitions five more times. The last one was last year against Eintracht. The Germans won on penalties.

Nacional (116 trophies)

Another representative of a non-European country on the list is Nacional from Uruguay. The "Tricolors" occupied the local Championship, which was won by crazy 49 times. For the first time, Nacional became the champion of Uruguay back in 1902 and took the last gold in 2022. In the international arena, the Uruguayans could be more robust: the main trophy of South America - the Libertadores Cup - was lassoed only three times. And the last victory happened in 1988.

Celtic (113 trophies)

The second-top Scottish club is just a little behind Rangers. The Celts also took a large number of national trophies: 52 wins in the Scottish Championship, 40 (a record) in the Country Cup, and another 20 in the League Cup. In European competition, the team from Glasgow also won only once but took a very prestigious cup - in 1967, Celtic won the Champions League.

Atlético Peñarol (110 trophies)

Another club from Uruguay: Atlético Peñarol, is not far behind Nacional. "Coal Miners" became the victors of the national Championship even more often than the main rival - 53 times. Atlético have also won more Copa Libertadores (five). True, the last triumph in the main club competition in South America was also a long time ago - in 1987.

Real Madrid (99 trophies)

The first representative of the top 5 European leagues: Real Madrid holds the record for the number of victories in the Champions League (14) and the Spanish Championship (35). The club also collected many other titles, the next of which will be the 100th anniversary.

Madrid is outside the top 5 most titled clubs in the world, but they are the second wealthiest teams in the world - in 2022, Real Madrid earned more than 600 million euros.

Last season, the Blancos scored their 14th victory in the Champions League, and this season they are again among the main favorites of the tournament.

Barcelona (97 trophies)

Madrid's arch-rival is a little behind, with Real Madrid and Barça just two trophies apart. At the same time, the Catalans hold the record for victories in the Cup (31) and the Spanish Super Cup (14). Also, in the current season, the blue garnet can win the 27th Championship: Xavi's team is in the lead after 17 rounds.

Benfica (84 trophies)

The Eagles are the most successful in Portugal: the team won the local Championship a record 37 times and also took the Cup of the country 29 times. Also, Benfica performed well in European competition: twice became the strongest in the Champions League, but more often lost in the finals - in general, eight defeats in the decisive matches of the Champions League and the League.

"Al-Faysali" (82 trophies)

The most exotic representative of the top 10 is Al-Faisali from Jordan. The club sweeps away local trophies: 34 times won the Championship, 21 times the Cup, and 17 times the Super Cup of the country. The Blue Eagles also won the AFC Cup twice, Asia's second most important continental tournament.

Bayern (82 trophies)

Germany-dominated Bayern also climbed into the top 10 most-titled teams in the world. On account of Munich's record for victories in the Bundesliga (32), the Cup (20), and the German Super Cup (10). Also, FC Hollywood has collected six victories in the Champions League.

Of course, the team from Munich is the main favorite for the Championship this Bundesliga season as well.