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Cristiano Ronaldo has been in a relationship with Georgina Rodriguez since 2016, but before that, the football star had a hectic social life.

And one of his novels, before meeting with Rodriguez, became known publicly after the Spanish actress Sonia Monroy said she had much to do with the Portuguese forward.
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Sonia Monroy is a 50-year-old Spanish actress, singer, presenter, and blogger with over 667,000 social media followers.

Her friend Yola Berrocal revealed on the Puro Salseo podcast that Monroy and Ronaldo met at a party in Madrid:

"We started talking, and I noticed Cristiano Ronaldo and Sonia flirted. After we had a good and fun talk, it was time to leave. At that moment, they [Ronaldo and another player] said: "Well, maybe we'll go somewhere together later." The next day I picked up the phone and saw several messages: "Hey, we are here, where are you?".

Such a statement could not go unnoticed, and on the air of the Spanish TV program Socialite, the presenters contacted Monroy. She agreed to talk and admitted that she spent more than one night with a football player:

"Cristiano Ronaldo stole many nights of sleep from me. I loved him very much, but ... it was impossible, and this story ended.