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Journalists believe that the revival of the team is being postponed.

Liverpool defeated Manchester United 7-0. This is a repeat of the worst result for the Red Devils - with such a score; the club lost three times in the English Championship in 1926, 1930, and 1931. The defeat of Manchester United became the main topic of football in England on Sunday evening. We understand what the media wrote about this failure.

The Telegraph: Ten Hag will never have a more humiliating day as Manchester United manager

Immediately after the match, The Telegraph journalist Chris Buscombe, who saw the defeat of Manchester United live, shared his emotions: "I'm not sure that anyone can believe what just happened at Anfield. It's a strong indication that Liverpool will be a strong force again next season, and it's equally clear that Manchester United still has a long way to go before becoming title contenders. Perhaps ten Hag will never have a more humiliating day as Manchester United manager.
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Manchester United legend Roy Keane said he had never played in a team that lost so limply:

  • A shocking day. Darwin Nunez's goal right after the break was the end of the match. The leading players were discouraged. They showed no leadership qualities. The goals they conceded were disgraceful. It was they [the leaders] who let the club down today… Thank God I have never been part of a team that is so much inferior to Liverpool. Players will be ashamed of such a performance. In the second half, when things got tough, they just disappeared.

BBC Sport: Ten Hag will crack down on his team

Former Manchester United player Dion Dublin told midfielders: "Some players were terrible. What happened to Casemiro? Fred? They all went missing. Ten Hag will return to the training base and deal with his team because it's over. I don't see him doing anything in the dressing room; he's not like that."

"In seven days, Manchester United went from the joy of winning their first trophy since 2017 in the Football League Cup over Newcastle at Wembley to the pain of humiliation at Anfield. Strangely, Manchester United drew this match until the 43rd minute, when Fernandes and Rushford missed perhaps their two best chances before Gakpo scored a goal, and the sky fell on the ten Haga team. Manchester United had a tough calendar, but the way they lost must be a shame to the manager, players, and fans. There can be no excuse. Argentine defender Martinez, usually so reliable and combative, was torn apart, especially when Salah gave him a fun dance to set up a goal for Gakpo. Cody decided the game by scoring Liverpool's third goal five minutes after half-time," wrote football writer Phil McNulty of BBC Sport.
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Daily Mail: "By the end of the match, they were nothing more than a crowd."

Oliver Holt of the Daily Mail, who visited Anfield, said Liverpool fans were asking for 10 goals: "We want 10, we want 10," the stadium sang. On a famous night at Anfield, this was almost the only thing the Liverpool players could not achieve. The journalist also commented on the future of ten Hag: "This defeat will not negate all the progress of Erik ten Hag at Old Trafford, but it raises many questions about how far there is still to go in the revival of the team. It's not just about defeat. It's a matter of character. Manchester United was crushed. By the end of the match, they were nothing more than a crowd. They are 14 points behind Arsenal and have lost one of their games on the bench. Hopes that they will still be able to compete for the title have vanished."

Liverpool 7:0 Manchester United - Watch Highlights