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Teammates Stand Up for Ronaldo. Witty Response to BBC's Insult of the Legend

The Portuguese have a great sense of humor.

Regardless of our surprise at Ronaldo's reaction, the captain and leader of his national team, to the missed penalty in the match against Slovenia, it seems no one appreciated the insulting trolling by the BBC.

Recall that shortly after the missed penalty during the live broadcast, the British channel mangled Cristiano Ronaldo's name, calling him "Misstiano Penaldo." The second part is clear to meme enthusiasts, but the first part can be translated as "Miss-tiano." Apparently, this comes from unresolved issues – after all, Ronaldo twice successfully participated in penalty shootouts that led to Portugal's victories over England. The BBC jokesters also dismissed Jan Oblak's achievement.
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John Terry immediately called the BBC's joke a "disgrace" – someone who knows the bitterness of a missed penalty all too well, especially as the former Chelsea captain. The entire football community soon echoed the great John's opinion. Most importantly, Ronaldo's teammates understood and accepted their leader's failure, immediately rushing to console Cristiano after his moment of weakness. After the game, they even delivered a witty punchline on social media, not without some self-irony, which is also important.

Bernardo Silva posted a picture with Bruno Fernandes, captioned: "With my friend and penalty professor Bruno Penandes."
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The Manchester United midfielder and national team regular penalty taker responded to his teammate's irony in the comments: "Benandes." Ruben Dias and Joao Cancelo also joined in the fun with emojis.

A beautiful response to the BBC's primitive provocation. More seriously, Joao Palhinha spoke about the atmosphere in the team, admitting that they managed to calm the captain with encouraging words, saying Ronaldo would get another chance in the penalty shootout, and he would definitely take it. And so it happened – the number 7 stepped up to take the first shot in the penalty shootout and outplayed Oblak on his second attempt.

Published by Patrick Jane