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Super Sensation in the Champions League! Bayern, Due to Stupidity, Flew Out from the Outsider of the Pair

During the first half, many fans probably fell asleep. First of all, because of the late time. Secondly, the football was not too bright. In total, the teams barely played half of the expected goal: 0.16 xG for Lazio and 0.39 xG for Bayern. And they only hit the target once (thanks to the hosts). Maurizio Sarri, in the best Italian traditions, overfed the defense, and for the Germans, this became a problem: Sane and Musiala were active on the flanks, Kimmich distributed a lot of long passes, Kane ran interestingly, but the Romans' defense didn't care.

Nevertheless, a couple of Bayern's chances deserve to be talked about. Firstly, the Bavarians played out a free kick with Kane's false run well: after a pass from Goretzka and Muller, Thomas left the ball to Sane, and Leroy dangerously twisted it next to the post. Secondly, Kane ran into the penalty area and passed to Musiala on the left, who shot above the goal on the move.

At the end of the half, the guests simply locked Lazio on their half of the field and did not let the opponent touch the ball. All in vain.

For the game to unfold, Bayern needed a goal. Instead, they almost conceded immediately after the resumption of the match: Isaacs found a gap in the defense of the German champion and slipped in there, coming out one-on-one with Neuer. Manuel skillfully shortened the distance and repelled the Danish's shot low.

The Munich players did not make any conclusions, so another failure in their defense already led to a goal. And as a bonus, a red card. In the 67th minute, Lazio escaped on the counterattack, Immobile dribbled into the penalty area and seemed to hold onto the ball, but, as it turned out, did everything right: he passed to Isaacs, and during his attempt to shoot with open spikes, he hit Upamecano's leg. Brilliant decision, right? French referee Francois Letexier promptly sent off his compatriot. Chiro didn't miss from the penalty spot, sending the ball and Neuer in different directions. So who's the favorite now?

Lazio players realized that one goal was not enough for them and organized several more approaches. Bayern, even in a minority, also did not resign themselves to defeat and pushed forward: 61% possession says a lot. Nevertheless, they had to do it, because the match ended with a minimal victory for the hosts. Based on the game, Bayern did not deserve a defeat. Probably, Thomas Tuchel will say this in case of dismissal. And it is quite real if the German club remains without the quarterfinals.

Lazio - Bayern Munich Highlights

Published by Patrick Jane