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Spalletti Comments on Italy's Dramatic Progress to the EURO 2024 Round of 16

The head coach of the Italian national team, Luciano Spalletti, commented on the outcome of the third-round match of the EURO 2024 against Croatia (1-1). The Italians equalized in the 8th minute of added time and advanced to the playoffs.

"You believe until the very last second – that's football today. Such moments become the most vivid. We managed to avoid defeat, even though we missed incredible opportunities for our level of skill.

Some illogical things are happening in our matches. But we need to ensure that the players are in conditions that allow them to show their maximum potential," the specialist said in a comment to Rai Sport.

In the Round of 16 of the EURO 2024, Italy will play against Switzerland.

Published by Patrick Jane