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Spain's National Team under De la Fuente: Football Without Limits

This Spanish team has shaken off its routine. The tedious passing game once made a name for itself and surprised everyone. Then, people got used to it, including Del Bosque and Luis Enrique.

Keep what works. This kills any creative ambitions. This is how the mobility of any thought ends. This is how identical movies are made, the same roles are played, and writers need more ideas.

But this Spain is young. And the youngest is the coach. The 63-year-old Luis de la Fuente has spent half of his career nurturing Spanish youth. In the squad, there are 14 players from his U19 and U21 teams.

He prepared them for simple football wisdom, important in adult football as well. Wingers dribble, midfielders create chances, Morata hustles.

Of course, all this is multiplied by enormous talent and class. But in this Spain, everyone does what they love. There is no dress code or corporate rulebook (yes, England?).

They may not win or run into the advanced Nagelsmann or a tough Portugal.

But the formula for a beautiful football team is once again clearly and loudly stated:


Published by Patrick Jane