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2023 is off to a sad start for Klopp...

Liverpool lost again. This time for Brighton. Moreover, the defeat turned out to be absolute and peremptory.

Brighton looked better in the game and naturally won - 3:0. Almost every possible statistical indicator is on his side: shots, corners, fouls, cards, and even possession. Clearly, it does not guarantee anything, but it is still significant that Liverpool is giving it to someone. Last season, Klopp had the second team in the Premier League in terms of possession (behind City), and here only 38%. Even if Brighton is not the team that gives the ball away, it's still amazing.

After all, Liverpool taught us that they are the second team in the Premier League, not only in terms of possession but in general in terms of strength. Last season, until the previous round, they fought for the championship and were a few minutes away from the title. It feels like some other team is playing in Liverpool jerseys now.

Usually, in this place, they start talking about injuries. Van Dijk is a significant player, but there has been no such horror in the team before. There is someone to play with. It is indicative that the leading central defender Matip made a scoring mistake against Brighton. And in general, if we go through the rest of the positions, what do we see? The goalkeeper is in place. On the flanks of the defense are the same Trent and Robertson. Midfield main - Fabinho, Henderson, Thiago. The attack lacks Diaz / Jota, but Liverpool has made two robust transfers over the past six months - Nunez and Gakpo appeared. Well, it's impossible to explain the defeat of Brighton with injuries.

Anything can happen in one match, but in 2023 Liverpool could not beat anyone. We lost to Brentford in the championship, then draw with Wolverhampton in the FA Cup, and now Brighton left no chance. The only thing that slightly sets off Liverpool's troubles is Chelsea's collapse. Only here is a more understandable reason: a new owner, a new coach, and a wild number of injuries. In Liverpool, it's easier with all this.

Couldn't Klopp, who has been doing a brilliant job for the past four years, have forgotten how to coach? Nevertheless, the team is not just in decline but even in a crisis. And just the behavior of the head coach is most revealing. His press conferences are pretty nervous. The other day, he ran into a journalist for an utterly correct question about how transfers can close problems in a team. Now, in Brighton, Klopp smiled at the conceded goals. It seems to be nervous.

After the game, the coach seemed to pray in front of the Liverpool fans. He apologized this way because, after the match, he said: "I can't remember worse games. And I'm talking about my entire career, not just Liverpool.
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And it's not that Klopp needs to be removed. Not. Without him, it will be more challenging to return to the level that the team has had in recent years. Another thing is that this particular season of the Premier League is close to the abyss. It is tough to imagine a Liverpool that did not make it to European competition. This is some anomaly. It may not be like that, but that's where it's headed.