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"Moles are a protected species and very hard to find."

Even before the lost match of Bayern against Bayer (1:2), the German publication Bild released an exclusive - Bayern's tactics for the game with Bochum (3:0), which took place on February 11.

The scheme of a positional attack, the arrangement when drawing from the gate, and the configuration when pressing are disclosed.
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Julian Nagelsmann, of course, is dissatisfied with the leak but commented on it quite wittily.

"I am annoyed. A person who leaks something like this harms every player. This is not in the spirit of our cause. Moles are a protected species, so they are tough to find. When driving through the Bavarian countryside, 80,000 wormholes can be replaced - and they are forbidden to be removed.

It is essential for me that I can look in the mirror. This person can't do it. I often ask myself: what is the purpose of this act? What is the hope of the person who has done this? The motive needs to be clarified for me. It's not about money.
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It differed from the concept of training published but the plan for the match against Bochum. These are not basics, so we cannot be deciphered through these notes. I'm not worried about that," said the Bayern head coach.

But Nagelsmann is dating a Bild journalist

It is doubtful that Nagelsmann himself leaked the tactics of Bayern. With a biting quote, he averted suspicions from himself but just recalled: Julian is meeting with a journalist from Bild, the same publication that published the leak.

The girl's name is Lena Wurzenberger; before her relationship with Julian (they became known in June last year), she wrote about Bayern. When the public learned about the connection between the journalist and the coach, Lena was released from covering the news about the Munich club.
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Bayern found out about the relationship between Nagelsmann and Wurzenberger earlier than Bild - Julian himself told the club about this, who did not want to advertise the relationship.

Not much is known about the journalist. Lena is 30 years old and previously wrote about Werder Bremen, but then moved to Munich, where she covered Bayern matches for the past two years. The girl is well known to the Munich players, as she often interviewed them. Lena is sick not for Bayern, but for Munich 1860 - Nagelsmann played at the youth level in this club.

"I don't care who the mole is - I want him to leave." Guardiola also suffered from drains at Bayern

Dressing room leaks happened at Bayern before Nagelsmann. There are at least two known leaks, both of which occurred while Pep Guardiola was at the club.

In the autumn of 2013, shortly before the match between Bayern and Borussia Dortmund, Bild published the tactics and composition of the Munich club. Pep was furious: "I don't care who the mole is – I want him to leave. Heads will roll - whoever leaked this to the press will no longer play for Bayern.

Club chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge spoke more cautiously: "Obviously, we will not involve the secret services to find out who did this. But I advise him to stop doing it. Otherwise, he will have severe problems with Guardiola and the whole club.

In May 2016, after the semi-finals of the Champions League, where Bayern lost on aggregate to Atlético, the same Bild reported that Guardiola almost got into a fight with physiotherapists in the locker room, accusing them of taking too long to recover from injuries. Pep didn't fight back.

"Usually, what happens in the dressing room stays inside the dressing room. I won't be here next season anyway, so I am not usually the one that handles it; it's Bayern's – there have been enough episodes like this over the past three years.

It's normal for me to talk to my players and staff and give them my opinion, but some people leak information because they want to hurt me. Maybe this person will be on the team next season, but he clearly does not understand that he is harming the club and me. I won't be here, so it's Bayern's problem," Guardiola said.