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Six Reasons Why You Should Watch the New 2024 MLS Season

There is an obvious explanation for why many have started to follow the MLS. The presence of Lionel Messi has raised interest in the league to a new level. Previously, the MLS was on an upward trajectory. Still, the signing of the Argentine superstar completely changed its course, attracting millions of new viewers. But it is essential to know that Inter Miami is not the only team in the league. This is the most famous club in the MLS. Because of this, they will be covered more than anyone else. Still, outside of South Beach, there are other moments worth attention.

Interesting Transfers

Dallas's deal for Croatian national team player Petar Musa could cost around $13 million. Chicago Fire paid about $14 million to sign Belgian Hugo Cuyper. The Los Angeles Galaxy spent a lot to get Gabriel Peka and Joseph Paintsila. At the same time, the Seattle Sounders splashed out to sign Pedro de la Vega - an Argentine from Lanus.

This applies not only to young stars. Luis Suarez moved to Inter Miami, but he is not the only familiar face in the league this season. Luis Muriel, who has long established himself in Serie A, moved to Orlando, and the New York Red Bulls signed Swedish midfielder Emil Forsberg from sister club RB Leipzig. A new and well-known European goalkeeper - long-time Tottenham leader Hugo Lloris- has appeared in Los Angeles.

New Rules

Starting this season, a player on the field for at least 15 seconds with a suspected injury will be taken off the field by the medical team and receive assistance for at least 2 minutes. This rule will not apply in cases where a yellow or red card is shown to the injured player after a foul.

If a player who is supposed to leave the field does not do so within 10 seconds, the player who is supposed to enter the field will only appear on it during the next break; that is, for several minutes, the team will play with fewer players. The rule will only apply to goalkeepers and the injured. In addition, there is information that referees will now announce their decisions after reviewing the VAR on the entire stadium. This is how things are done in the NBA, for example.

Copa America Participants

A major tournament, the Copa America, will take place this summer, and there will surely be many MLS representatives. Lionel Messi will undoubtedly be on the Argentine national team, and possibly Thiago Almada, another world champion. Teammates of the Argentines may also be on the list: Suarez could join Uruguay, Diego Gomes is a contender for a place in the Paraguay national team, and Leo Campana could play for Ecuador.

Facundo Torres from Orlando City could also be in the Uruguay squad. There have always been MLS stars in the Jamaican, Peruvian, and Venezuelan national teams. Indeed, there will also be representatives from the USA and Canada. By the time the tournament reaches the end of the group stage, there will undoubtedly be many MLS players who can be followed not only on American fields.

Players with Potential for Europe

Almada is one of the leading contenders for a move to Europe. Nothing happened in the winter, but his time will come. An unnamed European club prepares to offer the world champion big money. Noel Baku is interested in England, but it would be reasonable for him to spend more time with the New England Revolution.

Facundo Torres (Orlando) was interested in Arsenal at some point, making him a candidate for a significant transfer to Europe. Players like John Tolkin (New York Red Bulls), Adalberto Carrasquilla (Houston), and Talles Magno (New York City) are also on the radar of European clubs. So it will be interesting to see who will be the next rising star who will get a big chance in Europe.

A New Era in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has established itself as a serious force in the MLS. They are regular contenders for the title and reached the playoffs final last season. However, the team is now without Gareth Bale, Giorgio Chiellini, and Carlos Vela, who was the face of the entire franchise for a long time. A new era is dawning at the club.

In principle, Vela, who has become a free agent, can still return. Neither side has closed the door for a new deal. However, this is Denis Bouanga's team at the moment, which is alright, considering that he was the top scorer for LA last season, scoring 25 goals. Los Angeles may have to fight to keep him next summer, as European interest seems to be present, but they will have an essential player if they do.

LA made a significant transfer by signing Lloris. Los Angeles acquired a world champion and experienced goalkeeper, a luxury that few teams in the MLS have. However, important changes will likely happen later when the summer window opens. Because of this, the team may feel inadequate. We have yet to determine what Los Angeles will be like in the second half of the season, but it can be assumed that they will look pretty good by the end of the campaign.

Sinking Toronto

Fights, disputes, clashes with fans... Toronto had it all last year. And the craziest thing is that in the run-up to 2024, there were no changes in the club despite the failure of the previous season (last place in the East). Except for the departure of Bob and Michael Bradley, the team's composition in general remained the same. Lorenzo Insigne and Federico Bernardeschi also stayed despite wanting to return to Europe in the offseason.

The man tasked with straightening out all this is John Herdman - former head coach of the Canadian national team. The specialist did an excellent job with the Canadians, creating a cohesive culture that helped them qualify for the World Cup. Whether this can be repeated in Toronto, or the current squad is so broken that it is already impossible to fix.

Whatever happens, Toronto hopes for a turnaround. Insigne and Bernardeschi will undoubtedly be under close scrutiny. They have already exhausted their popularity among fans, so they will have to earn it again, especially after rumors of both players wanting to leave the club. Whatever happens, it will be interesting. Toronto still hopes to get something from MLS history's two most expensive transfers.

Published by Patrick Jane