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Half a year in Munich: Kane charmed the staff of an expensive hotel, searched for a home for a long time, and couldn't move his family

Before Christmas, footballers usually share family photos. Still, Harry Kane stood out: he posted a picture on social media with the staff of the Munich hotel where he had lived for almost half a year.

"Many thanks to the entire hotel staff. Thanks to them, I felt at home after moving to Munich. It was crucial to how quickly and well I adapted to the new conditions. But now it's time to move to our own home with my family," wrote the Bayern striker.

Yes, Kane found a home in Munich six months after moving.

Kane lived in one of the most expensive hotels in Munich. But he got a discount

In the fall, the English tabloid The Sun leaked an insider: Kane was living at the Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski hotel in the center of Munich. In the most expensive room, it cost 10,000 pounds per night – by November, the bill had already exceeded 1 million pounds.

But The Sun was wrong – as tabloids often are. The mistake was exposed by a photo of Kane with the hotel staff.

It turned out that Harry lived at the Mandarin Oriental – another five-star hotel in the center of Munich, five minutes from Marienplatz and all the main attractions. In this photo, you can see the hotel reception desk and, behind it, the staircase where Kane took a picture with the hotel staff.

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Mandarin Oriental is slightly cheaper than Kempinski – the most expensive room (presidential suite) starts at 9,500 pounds (11,000 euros) per night. The cost includes the presidential suite, four additional rooms, a terrace overlooking the city, a kitchen, and a personal sauna.

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Later, the hotel manager confirmed in an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung that Kane stayed in the presidential suite, but he got a discount – he paid 4,000 euros per night for the room. So the bill was just over half a million euros – a little more than a week's salary for the Englishman at Bayern.

And the entire staff was delighted with Kane.

"He is one of the nicest guests we have had," said manager Dominik Rainer. "Harry was very frank. When he lived alone, he had breakfast and lunch in his room: classic English beans and bacon, sushi or sashimi for lunch."

The player's family visited a few times – the hotel staff also spoke warmly about them. Very open and undemanding. Among the special requests, they only mentioned setting up a tent for children's games in the room and booking the hotel rooftop pool.

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In November, Thomas Müller joked: Kane has so many hat-tricks that soon we'll need to book another room at the hotel for all the balls Harry takes home.

Why didn't Harry move into a house right away? Why didn't he bring his family with him immediately?

Harry's family stayed in London – in August, the footballer's wife, Katie Goodland, gave birth to their fourth child, a second son. Moving under such circumstances would be unnecessary stress for the wife and the children.

Moreover, finding a house could have been improved. Kane couldn't find a suitable home, considering that he has four children and needs space for guests. It turned out that finding such a large and free villa in Munich and its suburbs took a lot of work.

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Kane told FourFourTwo in an interview that it's currently challenging for him from a practical standpoint. The hotel helps, but preparing for the family's move is necessary:

"These have been crazy few months," said the captain of the England national team. "I played at Tottenham for 19 years and was happy there. I had to step out of my comfort zone. It was a new experience for me.

In addition to football, there are many things to take care of. Choosing a school for the children and finding a home takes time. It's necessary to balance successful performances on the field and everyday matters. The family is in London, and I'm here – living in a new 'Munich' routine for myself."

Teammates are helping: almost everyone speaks English, and Müller immediately took Kane to play golf with friends. Ultimately, the club helped find a villa where the striker moved.

Where did Kane move to?

Initially, English media reported that Harry would move to Grünwald – also known as the "Bavarian Beverly Hills." However, in the end, the Englishman chose a more modest place – another southern suburb of Munich called Zolln. It takes 10-15 minutes by car to get to Bayern's training ground.

No one specifies exactly where Kane is moving. Still, Bild provides information about the house: it has a pool, sauna, a large terrace overlooking the forest, and plenty of space. Previously, Luke Hernandez (who left for PSG in the summer) and Mehmet Scholl lived in this villa.

In fact, it's known that Scholl rented a house in Zolln. According to journalists' descriptions, they even found the home that Kane presumably rented. It looks modest, but it's spacious and has a pool.

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This is not certain; it is just speculation by German journalists. But the main thing is that Harry's entire large family will move with him.

Thomas Tuchel believes that this will help with adaptation. The coach mentioned that Harry changes when his wife and children are around because he is a loving family man. And Kane may score even more in such conditions.

Published by Patrick Jane