How much would you pay for this?

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On the Twitter account Footy Scran, which showcases photos of stadium food, a burger from Goodison Park, the home of Everton, has gone viral.

So, how much does this culinary masterpiece cost? 4.5 pounds sterling.

It certainly looks dreadful. Here are some reactions from fans:

«What did you expect from Everton? Shoddy team and shoddy food.»

«This burger should be relegated from the Premier League and Everton.»

«The worst burger I've ever seen in my life.»

«It's as terrible as their gameplay.»

«Deduct 10 points from Everton for THIS.»

«They didn't even think to put sauce on it.»

«It physically hurts me to look at that piece of cheese.»

Published by Patrick Jane