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Seville Will Be Selecting Players With the Help of AI

The reigning champion of the UEFA Europa League, in collaboration with IBM (revenue in 2023 - $60.6 billion), has launched the Scout Advisor project, in which artificial intelligence organizes information from 200,000+ scouting notes and provides a list of preferred newcomers based on specified requirements.

The program analyzes quantitative indicators (height, weight, number of goals, speed) and the substantive notes of scouts made during player observation. Sevilla hopes to expedite the process of selecting newcomers and enhance its effectiveness.

The club's president, José Carrasco, believes that this initiative will help improve the club's results and positively impact the industry as a whole.

The 2023/24 season in La Liga has been unsuccessful for Sevilla: they have won only three out of 21 matches and currently occupy the 17th position. Moreover, the club, holding the record for victories in the Europa League with 7 titles, has been eliminated from European competitions.

Published by Patrick Jane