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The League Cup has exciting regulations. Goalkeeper Dubravka can be both sad and happy.

Manchester United won the first trophy in five and a half years - in the League Cup final, Erik ten Hag's team beat Newcastle - 2: 0. But everything did not end with the victory because there was confusion with the medals. Everything is simple - if you are on the team, then the prize is yours. It's much more enjoyable.

Will Ronaldo get a medal? How is this possible?

Cristiano started the season at Manchester United and played 10 Premier League games and six more in the Europa League until he terminated his contract in November. In the League Cup, Ronaldo never entered the field, and since the end of last year, he has been playing in Saudi Arabia for Al-Nasr. But none of these circumstances prevent Cristiano from claiming a medal.

For reference: The League Cup regulations provide for the issuance of
30 medals to the winning team for football players. If, after the
awarding of the players who participated in the tournament, there are
extra medals left, then their fate is determined by the club itself.

Manchester United has used 27 players in the League Cup, so the club must decide what to do with the remaining three medals. Given that Ronaldo spent almost half of the season in the team, one of them could go to him.

The funny thing is that since Cristiano has not played a single match in the League Cup, he will not be considered the tournament winner, even if he receives a medal. Therefore, in the event of such a gesture on the part of Manchester United, Ronaldo will find himself in an unusual situation: there is a prize, but there is no replenishment in the list of achievements.

At the goalkeeper Dubravka, the situation is even more comical. He benefited from the defeat of his team

If Ronaldo can only get a medal at the will of Manchester United, then Martin Dubravka is now officially the winner of the League Cup. He played for Newcastle for five years and went on loan to Manchester United in September. He spent four months there, during which he managed to play two matches in the League Cup - with Aston Villa (4: 2) in the third round and Burnley (2: 0) in the 1/8 finals.

In January, Dubravka's loan expired, and he returned to Newcastle. What happened next? Manchester United and Newcastle reached the League Cup final, and attentive fans and journalists realized a great truth: the goalkeeper needed to defeat his current team to become the tournament winner. The thing is that for Newcastle, unlike Manchester, Dubravka did not play in the League Cup.
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In the final and earlier stages of the League Cup, Dubravka could not physically qualify for Newcastle because he had already played for Manchester United. So now Martin has a reason for both sadness and joy. His team lost, but he won his first trophy in England.