«Ronaldinho has dishonored our family». Priscilla's mom was in shock.
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A sudden, although not very surprising, fact about Ronaldinho: at one time, he lived with two mistresses.

For 6 years, the legendary Brazilian lived in a mansion in Rio de Janeiro with Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza.
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This polyamorous relationship did not sit well with Priscilla's mother, Maria Aldenis dos Santos. She even publicly criticized the actions of Ronaldinho and, in a candid interview, told how her daughter shared Ronaldinho with another woman.

Maria said that Ronaldinho had dishonored their family. Despite Maria's disapproval, Priscilla continued to stay with Ronaldinho, hoping that he would eventually choose her over another woman.

However, the situation was far from ideal, with Ronaldinho reportedly sleeping in bed with one girl one night and another the next.

"Priscilla was not raised to be in something like this. My daughter accepted the situation because she was in love with him. He had his bedroom for Priscilla and another for him and Beatrice. They will never be together in the same bed. Priscilla will have one day, and Beatrice will have the next," Maria said.

Sky News also reported that Ronaldinho planned to marry both women in an informal ceremony - but no luck.