Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand expressed his admiration for Jude Bellingham.
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"He will be compared to players like Gerrard, Lampard, and Scholes, and right now, none of them did anything like what he is doing at his age.

So he can continue in the same vein and win the "Golden Ball." I would be shocked if this guy doesn't finish his career with at least one, maybe two, or three "Golden Balls" because he is good enough for that.

Some players have stood out with their abilities, similar to or slightly better than his; that's arguable. But there haven't been players with the same mentality that allows this guy to achieve the current success. I consider that the main factor.

Moving to Real Madrid and being their best player in the first four or five matches is phenomenal, unheard of," Rio Ferdinand said on BBC 5.

Jude Bellingham scored five goals in his first four La Liga matches for Real Madrid, adding one assist.

Published by Patrick Jane