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At the end of November last year, the Glazer family announced their readiness to sell Manchester United. After that, there were rumors that Manchester United wanted to acquire the American corporation Apple and English businessman Jim Ratcliffe.

In early February, the Daily Mail dumped a bunch of insiders - according to media reports, Qatari investors joined the race to buy Manchester United. And they seem to be serious.

What is known about this?

The primary source of insider information was Mike Keegan, a Daily Mail journalist. He wrote that the Qatari investors were planning a massive investment in the club and wanted to give Erik ten Hag full financial support to bring the club back to the top.
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Keegan claims that the Qataris are ready to invest not only in transfers but also in the infrastructure of Manchester United. After the purchase, they are set to reconstruct Old Trafford or even build a new stadium.

It is known that the 2022 World Cup inspired Qatari investors to buy Manchester United, which is considered the "pearl of football" in the Middle Eastern country.

The Qataris are confident that no one can interrupt their offer. Investors are interested in completing the transaction as soon as possible. "Significant funds have been allocated for the purchase of the club. These people are serious," Mike wrote, citing his sources. Keegan also revealed that Qatar would make an offer to buy Manchester United in the coming days.

Qatari investors have previously appeared as potential buyers but only wanted a share of Manchester United. Now they are determined to buy the entire club - and the high cost will be acceptable for them.

The Emir of Qatar is a Manchester United fan

Among the heaps of insiders that flooded Twitter, an exciting rumor explains the keen interest of the Qataris in Manchester United. The Emir of Qatar, Tamim ibn Hamad Al Thani, is a Manchester United fan.
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The Daily Mail claims Al Thani is a devoted club fan who knows its history. For reference, the emir's state is estimated at 335 billion dollars. The Glazers have said they want $7.6 billion for Manchester United.

What can get in the way of a deal?

... PSG may hinder the purchase of Manchester United by Qatari investors! The Parisian club is owned by Qatar Sports Investments, the same organization that wants to acquire the club from Manchester.

One organization needs to finance two clubs playing in the same tournament - Manchester United and PSG may well meet in European competition. However, in 2017, UEFA allowed RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg (Red Bull is a shareholder of both clubs) to participate in the Champions League since it did not see a violation of the article on the purity of competition.

Perhaps UEFA will give in this time.