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Former Man City and Barcelona player Sergio Aguero teased Gerard Pique about his goal celebration.

Aguero is gaining popularity as a streamer on Twitch. During a recent broadcast with fellow streamer Ibay Llanos, Aguero talked about Gerard Pique's goals. The Argentine suggested that the 2010 World Cup winner dedicated every goal to Shakira with the mysterious "22" gesture.

"22? Or two of 22? This is for Shakira, right?".

The former striker claimed that Piqué's gesture may have had a hidden meaning.

"How many children do they have? Two. Maybe they met at 2 or 22... Or it could mean two girls or two women. You never know".

Recall that Gerard Pique and Shakira broke up in June 2022 after 11 years of a relationship. Since then, the star has released a mega-popular diss track dedicated to Pique and his new girlfriend Clara Chia and left Barcelona with her two sons.