The photos have already spread across the internet.

Leo Messi is making waves in US football – within just a month, he brought the first-ever trophy to Inter Miami, took the team to another final, and became the third top scorer in the club's history.

Clearly, even if Leo doesn't play another match for the Florida-based club, his arrival has been a massive success for soccer in America and personally for Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham.

Perhaps this story began in April 2023, when Beckham surprisingly visited the PSG training ground.

In Paris, Becks met with the club stars, including Messi – and many believed that he convinced Leo to move to the US, as his contract with PSG was expiring. The chances of him staying in France were dwindling.

But for the second time in a year, super-scout Beckham has traveled to Europe again to sign another star for his club.

David and his family recently vacationed in Croatia, including on the island of Šipan. Paparazzi managed to photograph the Englishman in the company of Luka Modrić and his family! Additionally, it's reported that the two football legends spent time at a restaurant.
Beckham, Modrić
Beckham, Modrić
Modrić is in a similar situation to Messi – his contract with Real Madrid expires next summer, and it's not excluded that this season might be his last in Madrid.

Florentino Pérez has 4 young stars in midfield – Camavinga, Chouiarmin, Valverde, and Bellingham – and Luka himself is turning 38 soon. Could Modrić possibly become the new star of Inter Miami?

By the way, the Beckhams vacationed in Croatia last year as well and, according to rumors, were especially impressed with the restaurant and visited it several times."