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Owen Named the Club to Be Led by Xabi Alonso

Former England international player Michael Owen named the club that should be led by Bayer's manager Xabi Alonso.

"Xabi Alonso faces a big dilemma. Real Madrid is an option for the future, but right now, if he doesn't stay at Bayer, there will be a battle between Liverpool and Bayern Munich, and in both cases, there will be pros and cons.

He has been coaching for a while, so Bayern Munich is safer. The team will immediately return to winning titles; it's practically a given. His stocks will rise if he opts for the safer transition to Bayern.

Liverpool is a risky move. Following Klopp will require a lot of work. The team plays in a different style than Xabi prefers, so rebuilding it could be challenging, although he could be an excellent coach capable of working in various styles.

However, we've seen what happened after Alex Ferguson at Manchester United and Arsène Wenger at Arsenal; we've seen all the pain those clubs had to endure. Liverpool has had sustained success under Klopp; the next coach won't be able to surpass it. Perhaps, in this case, there's only a downward path? It's a dangerous, risky step," the ex-footballer was quoted by the Liverpool Echo.

Published by Patrick Jane