The expert wants to see stability from the Gunners.

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Former Manchester United player Gary Neville talked about the players Arsenal is missing.

"I want composure from the current Arsenal, and that's difficult because the manager is jumping around so much on the sidelines that it's hard to believe. I want to see passion but, at the same time, composure.

In this team, there should be 2 or 3 experienced players who will say, 'Alright, it's time to step up. We're ready and see it through to the end.' Character comes into play when you realize the game is in danger.

Rice was substituted at half-time in the match against Tottenham, which was a risk – should Jorginho have been practically the last one on the ball when Son equalized? Maybe, or maybe not. Of course, he should have played better himself, but when you concede a goal a minute after scoring – that's the kind of character I'm talking about. They still haven't gathered," the former footballer was quoted by Sky Sports.

Earlier, Neville ruled out ManUnited as contenders for the championship title.

Published by Patrick Jane