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Salernitana has postponed the coronation of Luciano Spalletti's team.

Naples has been preparing for this for a long time. Not 33 years old - it was then that the last championship was won - but a few months for sure. On social networks, many photos of city streets depict new heroes: everywhere flags, residents in club colors, and other colors. The match against Salernitana was the first time when that same dream could come true. For this, two conditions were required - a defeat or a draw for Lazio and their victory in a game with a typical middle peasant.

By the 75th minute, the championship day was postponed even though they celebrated from the morning in Naples. After all, Lazio defeated Inter away, but something inexplicable happened - two goals from Argentinean Lautaro Martinez and Gosens's ball left the Romans without points. In Naples, the Milanese have never been so cheered for; their victory has become a city holiday. Let it be local.

The son of Diego Maradona came to the game with Salernitana. His father became one of the heroes of the last Neapolitan championship - in 1990. He is the city's idol; the stadium is named after him. Therefore, the arrival of the son is a particular moment of symbolism. What Diego did not see, the son should have seen. But this required a victory. However, how could a different result be achieved in such an atmosphere?

73% - this is precisely how much Napoli owned the ball on average, in the first half and at all 80. "Salernitana" got out to someone else's half of the field once or twice. At the same time, it acted too reliably in defense. Moments from the owners arose mainly on the standards. Osimhen had the most realistic chance to open an account, but Ochoa included goalkeeping skills like in the world championships. Otherwise, the Neapolitans often rolled the ball; Khvicha and Lozano climbed into the strokes but failed. Salernitana defended it like it was the match of their lives.

In the second half, the story continued. Rolls without moments. In the 60th minute, Luciano Spalletti devised two substitutions to change everything. And two minutes later, the team scored from the corner. Matthias Olivera was the most successful of all, adjusted to the ball. And ran to the stands. The ball that flew into the net was immediately placed in a unique bag for a future collection. It seemed to be everything. The championship was less than an hour away.

The stadium hummed, rang, and thousands of fans counted the seconds to rush onto the field. And then came the 84th minute. The rarest attack of "Salernitana" - and Boulaye Dia got the ball on the flank. Another second, and he effectively beat Osimhen. One more - and he is in a shock position. Gorgeous long-range shot - almost no chance for the goalkeeper!

Napoli went on the attack. I wanted to please many fans and the whole city, and everything was ready for the celebration. After all, for the sake of this moment, the federation even postponed the match with the Neapolitans - they specifically scheduled their meeting after the Lazio game.

But nothing happened. Although until the end there were about 10 minutes, taking into account the added. Khvicha hit from the corner, but Ochoa came to the rescue again. Osimhen had a good moment - again, unsuccessfully. And then the final whistle.

The players thanked the fans - this was the maximum they could do. Championship day is postponed. The next game is against Udinese away, and a week later, Fiorentina is at home. An excellent opportunity to rehabilitate and finally achieve the goal.