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Although everything is already evident.

Luciano Spalletti could hardly contain his delight as Napoli beat Juventus and got even closer to winning their first league title in 33 years.

Juventus 0:1 Napoli - WATCH HIGHLIGHTS

"The joy we feel is immeasurable," the coach admitted after the match. "This is another big brick to add to all the others we've already laid in our quest to win. The joy multiplies when you win like this - by scoring in the last attack. But we must wait before we celebrate. Iced champagne will wait until the time is right."

True, only Spalletti has enough patience. After the match with Juventus, 10,000 fans met the team, which flew home to Naples at two in the morning and arranged a rehearsal for a big Neapolitan party. Smoke bombs, flags, fireworks, chants - it took the Napoli bus several minutes to make any progress in the crowd that had gathered on the city streets.

The players climbed onto the bus's roof and rejoiced along with the fans - Khvicha Kvaratskhelia posted a video of the crowd with a short but very capacious caption: "This is something incredible."

Most of all, on the roof, Victor Osimhen annealed, broadcasted live on social networks, and sang along with the crowd.

Then Irwin Lozano and Giovanni Di Lorenzo joined the players: the players joined in the celebration and began singing along to the crowd. Di Lorenzo was so engrossed that he picked up a loudspeaker and started playing fan songs while leaning out the driver's window.

Now Napoli, to be mathematically 100% sure of the title, needs to beat Salernitana on Saturday, April 29, and then hope that Lazio will not beat Inter. If everything goes like this, the club will officially become the champion on April 30; if not, you will have to wait for the results of another round, in which Napoli will play on the road with Udinese, and Lazio will host Sassuolo.