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The French publication L'ÉQUIPE has published a ranking of the players who earn the most in the major leagues in Europe.

The amounts are before taxes.

Clubs from Manchester expectedly dominate England: Kevin De Bruyne, Erling Haaland, David De Gea, and Jadon Sancho made the top 5, but Liverpool representative Mohamed Salah diluted their quartet.

In La Liga, too, no surprises - the first 5 places were shared by the players of Madrid and Barcelona, with Eden Hazard on the first line, whose contribution to the game of the Royal Club in this, and previous seasons, was minimal.

In the Bundesliga, the absolute dominance of Bayern is in first place with the newcomer of the German club Sadio Mane.

Juventus took the lead in Serie A, offering Dusan Vlahovic the highest salary in the championship. The Serb is accompanied by two teammates, Szczesny and Bonucci, and two representatives of Inter, Brozovic, and Lukaku.
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The French publication, of course, could not ignore Ligue 1 - L'ÉQUIPE has released a detailed breakdown of the salaries of local players. In the top five, of course, only the representatives of PSG:
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