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Mourinho Evaluates the Performance of the Portuguese National Team at EURO'24

The specialist is not satisfied.

The head coach of Fenerbahçe, José Mourinho, evaluated the performance of the Portuguese national team at the European Championship.

"I watched the European Championship matches as a professional. Every time Turkey won, it was a problem for me; every time Portugal won, it was a joy.

There is always disappointment when you feel you could have done more. Portugal has excellent potential. I wasn't far off in my predictions when I said that Portugal, France, and England were the favorites. Two out of three teams made it to the semifinals. Spain was the biggest surprise for me in terms of team development. For me, this team is currently playing the best.

Portugal was not outstanding, even though they reached the quarterfinals. More was expected. I was at the stadium when Portugal lost to Croatia before EURO 2024 – something was wrong.

I didn't experience any beautiful feelings. The team advanced through the tournament bracket but looked unconvincing. Then came the moment of truth, and Portugal was not one of the strongest teams. But it's a young team, except for two veterans, with years of tournament performances ahead. The World Cup is just around the corner," said the specialist in an interview with Sport TV.

It should be noted that the Portuguese national team reached the quarterfinals of EURO 2024, where they lost to France in a penalty shootout.

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