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The match between Porto and Arouca ended in a referee scandal.

The match of the 4th round of the Portuguese championship between one of the most decorated clubs in the country, Porto, and the modest Arouca did not promise any serious passion or even intrigue regarding the sports result before it began. However, the meeting ended in scandal, all thanks to the unconventional decision of the head referee.

Towards the end of the match, the referee awarded a penalty to the guests, who were leading sensationally by that time. After that, the VAR referees were contacted to invite him to the monitor. However, unforeseen circumstances intervened in the standard viewing procedure. The video of the controversial episode never appeared on the monitor, and communication with the VAR room was lost. The pause dragged on, and both teams and fans in the stands awaited the verdict. And Miguel Nogueira decided to resolve the situation unusually.

As a result, the head referee called the VAR referees on a mobile phone. After consultation, he decided to rely on the opinion of his colleagues, canceling the penalty kick. The frustration of Porto players and coaching staff knew no bounds. As a result, the teams spent almost an extra 20 minutes on the field. In the final minutes of added time, the home team managed to avoid defeat thanks to a goal by Evanilson. However, after the game, Porto filed a protest against the actions of the head referee.

Published by Patrick Jane