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Will Leo end up in the Middle East? What is currently known?

Loud sensation in world football. Lionel Messi will leave PSG at the end of the season. This is written by one of the primary insiders of the world - Fabrizio Romano. He stated that there was no longer any doubt about that. A few days ago, the Argentine flew to Saudi Arabia and ignored the demands of PSG head coach Christophe Galtier: he was forbidden to pass if the team did not beat Lorient. The match ended with the defeat of PSG, but the Argentine left the club anyway. What's up with his future now?

Messi was removed from PSG. He leaves at the end of the season.

The striker went to the Middle East to fulfill the obligations of the Saudi Arabian ambassador for tourism and paid a heavy price for this trip - he was suspended from PSG training and matched for two weeks.

Following this, L'Equipe reported that PSG would not renew Messi's contract. According to the source, one of the reasons for the future departure of the player was the scandal associated with this unauthorized trip by Leo during team training. The publication also mentioned that PSG would not renew the contract with the Argentinean, and the football player himself intends to change the situation.

A serious interest in Messi comes from Saudi Arabia. The country's government is ready to offer Lionel the largest contract in football history. The Argentine can join Al-Hilal, the main rival of Al-Nasr, for which Cristiano Ronaldo plays. However, RMC Sport noted that Barcelona will compete for the 2022 World Champion. The Catalan club, despite financial constraints, is confident they can sign their former captain.

It is not worth doubting Lionel's departure from Paris. Following leading French publications, this news was confirmed by insider Fabrizio Romano. "Behind the scenes, it has now become clear that Leo's father, Jorge, informed PSG of the decision a month ago. It was the last turning point," wrote Romano. Mundo Deportivo added that Bayern's elimination from the Champions League and the lack of a stable sports project for the future of PSG were the main reasons for the Argentinean's decision.

Sanctions against Messi

For now, Messi is a PSG player and will suffer losses for his departure. According to L'Equipe, he will not receive a salary during these two weeks that the Argentine will not play. In addition, according to RMC Sport, PSG could strip him of his excellent conduct bonus as punishment for an unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia. It is noted that the Parisians contacted the legal commission of the Professional Football League of France (LFP) before removing the Argentine and bringing it up to date. If Messi or his lawyers contact the LFP and disagree with PSG's decision, the dispute will be resolved expeditiously.
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Also, the body may consider a good conduct bonus if the parties disagree about its possible non-payment. Good behavior bonuses are also included in the contracts of other Parisian players, Neymar in particular. Such behavior implies "politeness, punctuality, friendliness and openness to the fans." In addition, this paragraph includes a ban on public criticism of PSG tactics.

Messi will likely spend the next two weeks in Barcelona. Bolavip writes that the Argentine will be in Catalonia until his suspension expires. Will any more sanctions from PSG follow? The environment of the world champion is afraid of more severe consequences for Leo.