Messi, Ronaldo
Messi was humiliated in front of Ronaldo's eyes. Cristiano smirked mockingly and smiled

Saudi Sheikh and Brazilian midfielder mocked Lionel.

The friendly match between Saudi's Al Nassr and American Inter Miami was touted as the ultimate battle between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Throughout the second half of January, this event was promoted as the long-awaited match featuring the two best footballers of the 21st century. The stadium stands in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was filled to capacity, and the organizers earned an incredible €12 million just from ticket sales! Fans eagerly awaited the long-anticipated meeting of the two legends on the field.

And the day of the match arrived. Tickets were already sold, along with sponsorship packages. However, Ronaldo's absence had been predicted a day before the game. It turned out that Cristiano didn't recover from a muscle injury in time. Of course, fans were disappointed, but no one thought of returning their tickets, as Messi's participation seemed unaffected.

However, just an hour before the game, information surfaced that Lionel would also miss this match! Messi wasn't even in the lineup. In the end, Messi did make it to the roster, but it's worth noting that he appeared on the field only towards the end of the match.

The audience realized they were deceived only at the start whistle, but it was too late. Apparently, players from both teams understood that they urgently needed to put on a spectacle to at least entertain the local audience, who paid a considerable amount of money for this apparent "sham."

In the end, it turned out to be a genuinely amusing match. By the 12th minute, the score was 3-0 in favor of Al Nassr, and the third goal was spectacular. Former Manchester City defender Aymeric Laporte noticed that the goalkeeper of the American club, Drake Collender, had come too far out of his goal, and he took a shot from his own half of the field! The long-range shot was successful, and the ball ended up in the net behind the goalkeeper, who realized his mistake too late.

After this event, the TV broadcasters finally arranged the long-awaited confrontation between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. It was amusing, even though it didn't happen on the football field. As soon as Laporte scored his fantastic goal, the cameras turned to the Argentine and Portuguese reactions.

It was a comical episode. Cristiano smirked and smiled, watching his teammates crush the team of his prominent career rival. In turn, while sitting on the bench, Messi showed complete bewilderment and confusion. With an unarmed gaze, Lionel was visibly perplexed, wondering how such childish mistakes could be made.

The humiliation of Inter Miami didn't end there. Al Nassr scored three more goals against the American team, bringing the score to 6-0. And yet, the MLS club featured stars like Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba! In the Saudi club, Brazilian Talisca scored a hat-trick. Moreover, he celebrated his third goal with Ronaldo's trademark "Siu" by jumping right in front of Messi.

Such mockery, especially from a Brazilian, Lionel couldn't tolerate. In the 83rd minute, he finally entered the field when the score was 0-6, hoping to at least score a consolation goal. But instantly, he faced another mockery. The Saudi Sheikh sitting in the stands showed the score on his fingers, looking towards Messi!

The result of the game stayed the same after Messi entered the field. The Saudi audience, who were deeply disappointed before the start of the match due to the absence of the main stars on the field, clearly rejoiced at such an outcome.

Will Lionel and Cristiano ever meet on the field again before the end of their careers? Official meetings are nearly impossible, but friendly matches will undoubtedly be organized because they bring in good money. One hopes that the greatest footballers will eventually play against each other, and their legendary rivalry will end not with smirks and mockery but with a friendly handshake, symbolizing the definitive conclusion of an era. The last battle between Cristiano and Leo was supposed to go differently. So, it's not the end yet!

Published by Patrick Jane