Leo shared some of the rituals he observes daily.

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All geniuses have their quirks. This is not news. Here's Lionel Messi, who is currently conquering America at lightning speed, talking about some of the rituals and rules he follows daily. The Argentine shared that he has many of them but only mentioned a couple in more detail. Apparently, the most harmless ones.

According to him, Leo always sets the table before bedtime, arranging everything correctly for the next day. Additionally, after sleeping, every family member sits in their designated seat for breakfast. Messi also mentioned that he always takes off his sneakers at home and wears slippers. As for his other rituals, the forward chose not to disclose them.

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Since we're on the topic of dining tables, let's remember that Messi recently shared his favorite dishes with fans: veal steak, schnitzel, pasta, chocolate, caramel, and ice cream. Nothing exotic, just what millions of ordinary people around the world love. Furthermore, Lionel confessed to his "weakness," which is familiar to many: "I like everything sweet; I'm in love with it. I try to eat it sparingly, but from time to time, I enjoy it." Messi also mentioned mate, which he often enjoys: "Hot and bitter. I used to drink it sweet, but then I got used to the bitter taste."

By the way, the owner of "Inter Miami," for whom Messi plays, David Beckham, has even more peculiar "quirks." The Briton is a severe perfectionist who can spend much time arranging his refrigerator just as he likes it. He only accepts an even number of items, so any "extra" soda can, or anything else goes straight to the trash.

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Beckham also revealed that when his family has already gone to bed in the evenings, he starts cleaning. He pays special attention to the kitchen, thoroughly wiping everything down and clearing the table. It's tiresome for him to see the mess return in the morning: "I hate coming downstairs and seeing cups, plates, and bowls there. I clean up so well, but honestly, I'm unsure if my wife really appreciates it."

The desire to tidy up and maintain order in the house is good. At least as long as it doesn't become an excessively obsessive idea that hinders the person and their family. But Beckham seems to have his peculiarity under control, and at least from what has been mentioned, Messi doesn't have anything similar.

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Moreover, this could be a problem in Messi's new $10.8 million home, which he acquired recently. The building, constructed in 1988 and expanded in 2000, spans 975 square meters and features nine bathrooms, eight bedrooms, a gym, a spa room, a swimming pool, a three-car garage, and access to two docks. Interestingly, the previous owners paid $9 million for it in May last year, so it is an opportunity to settle comfortably in the American South and a profitable investment.

However, with a compulsive tendency towards cleanliness, such a mansion might require hiring an entire army of cleaners and various household staff.

Published by Patrick Jane