Argentinian forward Lionel Messi has admitted that he is pleased with his move to Inter Miami and has also stated that personal awards hold less significance for him after winning the World Cup. In six matches for the club, Messi has scored nine goals and has become one of the top three goal-scorers for the team.

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"We decided to move to the USA with my wife and children. I came here to continue enjoying football and am delighted with my decision. I joined the team with full enthusiasm and a desire to achieve good results. I have been doing this throughout my entire career. Reaching the final was a surprise for us, but we were prepared for it," Messi said ahead of the League Cup final, where his team will play against Nashville.

Messi added that his previous move from Barcelona to PSG was very challenging. At the same time, the current one is an entirely different matter.

Furthermore, Messi noted that after winning the World Cup, he achieved everything he wanted, and now personal awards hold less significance.

"The Ballon d'Or is a great award, but I never considered it extremely important. Team trophies have always been my top priority. After the success in the World Cup, I think less and less about the Ballon d'Or. All my goals in sports have been achieved, now the most important thing is the team's results. Although personal awards were never my main goal," Messi stated.