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Messi is not expected in Barcelona. The Argentine magician had to acknowledge the obvious

Lionel dedicated more than 20 years to the blue-pomegranate colors.

Lionel Messi has already been 36 years old. The Argentine forward has yet to play for Barcelona for 2.5 years. But the Catalan fans will not calm down and still believe in the return of their legend. After all, Messi is still scoring in form. But the comeback won't happen. The Argentine announced it officially.

«No, no chances. Absolutely not. I could have returned to Barcelona, but it didn't happen. I thought about returning to Barça, about my life there, about ending my career there as I always wanted, but... it's impossible,» Messi was quoted by insider Fabrizio Romano.

Sad but true. We won't see Messi on the field in a blue and garnet shirt anymore. It's always hard to say goodbye to one's memories. But there comes a time when this cooperation is genuinely no longer needed by both sides.
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Barcelona has been struggling in recent seasons. But the 36-year-old legend is unlikely to come back and fix everything right away. The club should have officially invited the player around. They cited financial problems, but at the same time, they were signing other players. It seems that the management realized that they no longer needed Leo. The club chose not a different but a familiar vector of development. They are focused on the emerging talented youth. And they are doing it right. There won't be instant results, but in the future, we will undoubtedly see those who will replace Xavi, Iniesta, and even Messi.

Barcelona doesn't need Messi right now, either. The man has devoted his entire life to football. Playing for one of the giants of world sports is an incredible stress, especially when you are associated with all the recent major team victories. Messi wants to enjoy life now and not chase after results. And in Inter Miami, he's allowed to do that. He said that this place is the most comfortable for him. Now, in the USA, there is a break of almost half a year between seasons. Even during this period, Messi didn't burden himself and go off to conquer Asia or Europe. He allowed himself to rest. Football is still a passion for Leo, of course. But he's tired of the big European game. He increasingly wants to spend time with his family in a new, comfortable country for life.

Messi may return to Barcelona, but not as a player. And this football journey would be no less fascinating. It's time to forget about Messi as a forward in Barcelona. That's already history.

Published by Patrick Jane