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Mbappé rejected Real Madrid. The stellar forward was not satisfied with Perez's fabulous offer

The main intrigue of the winter transfer window is the future of the leader of the French national team and PSG, Kylian Mbappé. Real Madrid has been chasing the forward for the past couple of years, but they have finally been unable to find a lever to close the long-awaited deal. It seemed that the leadership of the Parisian club had already resigned itself to the fact that they could not retain the 25-year-old forward by any means, but another stumbling block had emerged.

According to Spanish media reports, Mbappé has not agreed to move to Real Madrid next summer. The Frenchman and his entourage were not impressed by the conditions proposed by the "merengues," namely, the salary of the long-term contract. It was reported that Kylian was offered €60 million for each of the six subsequent seasons. However, after taxation, the amount will be reduced by almost half - to €32 million. Apparently, this is what didn't suit the main European star. In addition, the forward still hopes to receive €100 million as a signing bonus from his agent, who is his mother. Will Real Madrid make such sacrifices to acquire the player of their dreams?

Another critical factor in Mbappé's likely transfer is the future atmosphere within the team. Florentino Perez intends to bet on Kylian as one of the main assets of the "merengues." In connection with this, the secondary role will fall to Brazilian winger Vinicius Junior, with which the latter will not agree. The deal with Mbappé carries other significant losses in the attacking zone. If we consider the full potential of Real Madrid in attack, then among the promising forwards, only another Brazilian, Rodrigo, and the 19-year-old Alvaro Rodrigues, who debuted for the leading team last season, remain. In this case, representatives of the "Royal Club" should carefully consider how to organize the transfer so as not to disrupt the atmosphere in the locker room. An excess of stars is not always beneficial and often even the opposite.

It is known that Mbappé dreams of fully developing himself at Real Madrid, the club he dreamed of all his childhood, hanging photos of "merengues" stars in his room. But why is the future salary weighing heavily on the forward? Mbappé is convinced he is one of the best active footballers on the planet. Since 2018, the Frenchman has demonstrated incredible effectiveness in all tournaments, becoming a hero in crucial confrontations for the team, including matches in the Champions League. For an indispensable player of the top level, it is essential to understand that he will receive the highest salary among his teammates. Undoubtedly, Kylian's appetite could have significantly increased, considering the pressure from the Qatari sheiks of PSG and their offers of astronomical wages. Perhaps the forward expects the same attitude towards himself at Real Madrid. Is Perez ready for this along with his company?

It should be noted that, besides Real Madrid, Mbappé is also interested in clubs from the English Premier League, including Liverpool and Arsenal. If the Spanish football giant fails to find common ground with the forward, he could easily conquer another league where another star, Erling Haaland, plays. We assume some fans will like this more than the grand showdown between Messi and Ronaldo in La Liga.

Published by Patrick Jane