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ManCity is the Favorite; Arsenal is in Trouble, but What About Liverpool? The Premier League Title Contenders' Schedule

Can Pep secure a second title in a row?

The race in the Premier League right now is one of the best in the league's history. Three giants are vying for the title: Liverpool, Manchester City, and Arsenal. The last time three clubs fought for the Premier League title was in the 2013/2014 season when Chelsea joined Liverpool and City in the race. However, the quality of play and the level of competition are much higher now, making the race more epic.

Currently, Liverpool tops the table, leading Arsenal by two points and City by three. But there are still eight rounds to go. Let's delve into the teams' schedules and analyze which club has the advantage.


Under Jürgen Klopp this season, Liverpool undoubtedly aims to win the Premier League. The Reds currently hold the top spot, two points ahead of Arsenal. Liverpool has three home games and five away games remaining. Let's break down their opponents into top teams, mid-table teams, and underdogs. Liverpool will face three formidable opponents: away games against Manchester United and Aston Villa and a home game against Tottenham. It's worth noting that this season, Liverpool lost to Spurs away (1-2), drew with Man United (0-0), and defeated Villa (3-0).

Liverpool faces four matches against mid-table teams: Crystal Palace and Wolves are at home, and Fulham and West Ham are away. Another game is against an underdog, Everton, away. However, in the Liverpool derby, the form of the teams at the specific moment matters little. In these matches, clubs often perform at their maximum regardless of their position in the table. Moreover, Everton's season has been disrupted due to financial problems, points deductions, and reinstatements.

Liverpool's schedule is challenging, rated at 7.5/10 in terms of difficulty. We should also consider their participation in the Europa League playoffs, which also drains their energy.


The Gunners were in the title race last season but fell short to Manchester City. This season, Arsenal looks even more convincing, and fans hope the title will be at the Emirates Stadium this time. In any of the four encounters, Arsenal has not lost to Liverpool or City. However, Arsenal faces the most demanding schedule among the title contenders.

Arsenal will play four home and four away games. They have more home games than Liverpool, but the overall level of competition is higher. Arsenal will face tough opponents like Aston Villa (home), Tottenham, and Manchester United (both away). Arsenal's North London rivals won't like the prospect of Arsenal winning the Premier League, so Tottenham will surely give their all in the derby to snatch points. In the first round, Arsenal lost to Villa (0-1).

Arsenal also has four matches against mid-table teams: Bournemouth and Chelsea (both home) and Wolves and Brighton (both away). It's unusual to see Chelsea listed among mid-table teams, but these are the realities. Each of these teams is capable of upsetting Arsenal. Additionally, Arsenal will have a home game against Everton.

Overall, Arsenal's remaining schedule difficulty is rated at 9/10 — truly challenging. Arsenal is also competing for the Champions League title, with at least two more matches against Bayern Munich.

Manchester City

The reigning English champions continue to fight for the Premier League, Champions League, and FA Cup. Will Pep Guardiola secure a second consecutive title? It's a likely outcome. Although City currently trails Liverpool by three points and Arsenal by one, City has the most manageable schedule in the Premier League among the three contenders. Guardiola's team generally performs well against mid-table teams and consistently wins. When it comes to the title race, City becomes a machine.

City has three home games and five away games left in the Premier League. They will face Tottenham (away) among the top teams. Although they had a thrilling 3-3 draw with Spurs in the first round, could their opponents spoil Pep's mood this time?

Most of City's matches are against mid-table teams, where the team feels most comfortable. It's a gift from the fixture planners! City will host Wolves and West Ham and travel to Crystal Palace, Brighton, and Fulham. Interestingly, City lost to Wolves (1-2) and drew with Crystal Palace (2-2) in the first round.

Can City secure five wins in the next five rounds? The only underdog City will face until the end of the season is Luton, which should be fine. The schedule difficulty for the reigning champions is 6/10.

Conclusion? Judging by the schedule, City has the advantage in the race for the gold. Arsenal will have to put in a lot of effort to become champions. Guardiola's team plays with a championship mindset, excelling at crucial moments. Diving by Jürgen Klopp's style, Liverpool will be in the race until the last round (possibly leading). Arsenal's strength lies in the team – they have the best attack and defense compared to their competitors: 72 goals scored and only 24 conceded. Liverpool scored 70 and conceded 28, while City scored 67 and conceded 29.

We are in for an exciting end to the season!

Published by Patrick Jane