During this period, representatives of the first three never became the country's champions.

One of the English football fans armed himself with open data and calculated the amount of money the leading clubs in England have spent over the past five years.

For his calculations, he took two parameters - payrolls and spending on the transfer market. The first data was from the Spotrac resource, and the second was from Transfermarkt.
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It turned out that United and Chelsea, who took the first two places, spent the same amount of funds in five years - 1.455 billion pounds.

Arsenal, who are still top of the Premier League for the 2022/2023 season, is in an excellent third spot.

Champions of recent years - "City" and "Liverpool" - are located in the neighborhood. If the "citizens" spent more on salaries, then the Merseysiders spent more on transfers.

Everton stands out from the top 10, having spent the least on transfer costs, but at the same time overtaking three clubs at once in terms of the amount of money paid for salaries. Fewer than the Butterscotch gave money to Aston Villa, Newcastle, and West Ham players. All three clubs are out of the relegation zone, but Everton could start next season in the Championship.