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Liverpool was losing to Fulham until the 87th minute. And then a miracle happened!

Fulham conceded four superb goals but was still close to victory. Moreover, none of Klopp's attackers stood out in the team.

Liverpool, to some extent, specializes in comebacks in the Premier League. Many remember this from the Premier League season 2019/2020. This time, Enfield's magic worked again.

In the first half, Liverpool scored two fantastic goals with long-range shots. First, Trent delivered a free-kick that found the top corner, and then it went into the net after a rebound off the crossbar and the goalkeeper. In a way, it's even a pity that the goal was credited as Leno's own goal, not to the defender.

And then, in the same top corner, McAllister struck from the game. Two superb goals that you rarely see in one match.

Nevertheless, despite these two masterpieces, Liverpool was trailing in the score. Wilson scored first for Fulham in the 24th minute (and didn't celebrate, as he had previously played for Liverpool). Tete equalized in the 45+3rd minute, and in the 80th minute, Cordova-Reid's header put his team ahead. Liverpool couldn't avoid defeat, but they even managed to win.

And again, a shot into the top corner made the difference! Moreover, from a player who usually doesn't make it into the lineup and is known for his defensive skills. From the edge of the penalty area, Endo placed the ball just under the crossbar, leveling the score in the 87th minute.

What happened then drove the Liverpool fans in the stadium crazy. And the players themselves, judging by their faces. Just a minute after Endo's goal, Trent scored. Interestingly, it was after a pass from another full-back, Tsimikas.

Thanks to this victory, Liverpool moved to second place, trailing Arsenal by only two points again. Klopp's team still has yet to suffer any defeats at home this season in all competitions.

Published by Patrick Jane